NAIW OFFICES ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON A LIMITED BASIS - Only visitors with appointments will be allowed in the office. To schedule an appointment in Northern Nevada call (775) 684-7555 or in Southern Nevada call (702) 486-2830. Visitors are required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing while in the office.

For assistance in Northern Nevada call (775) 684-7555 or (775) 684-7559 (information line) or email For assistance in Southern Nevada or Spanish speaker call (702) 486-2830.

The Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers (NAIW) is a state agency that represents people who have been hurt in a work accident or have suffered the onset of an occupational disease. We help our clients get workers' compensation benefits. NAIW does not charge a fee for legal representation.

In most situations, NAIW becomes involved with a case only after it has gone before a Hearing Officer and the case has been appealed to the Appeals Officer level.

First Steps:

It explains your right to appeal and common areas of dispute between injured workers and workers' compensation insurers. It also explains the steps that must be followed before an injured worker can receive benefits for a work related injury, or occupational disease.
En él se explica su derecho a apelar y las áreas comunes de la disputa entre los trabajadores lesionados y las aseguradoras de compensación para trabajadores. También explica los pasos que se deben seguir antes de que un trabajador lesionado pueda recibir beneficios por una lesión relacionada con el trabajo.
Injured workers have the right to appeal any written decision from the workers' compensation insurer. If you disagree with a written decision, you must appeal it within 70 days of the letter. Appeals are heard by the State of Nevada Department of Administration Hearings Division.
The NAIW Injured Worker's Checklist is designed to help you keep your workers' compensation records organized. 
  Rights and Benefits
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