Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim

In Nevada, a workers' compensation claim begins when a C-4 form is sent to the insurance company that your employer uses for workers' compensation coverage. You will need to fill out your part of the C-4 form the first time you visit a medical provider for treatment of your work injury. Your workers’ compensation claim does not start until the C-4 form is completed. The C-4 form is titled “Employee’s Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment”. The physician fills out their part of the form, and sends a copy to your employer and the insurer. Be sure to get a copy for your records.

You must fill out the C-4 form, and have the medical provider sign and date it within 90 days from the date of your injury or the date you first noticed the onset of an occupational disease. (NRS 616C.020)

Late Filing:

If you did not promptly notify your employer or you did not promptly file a claim, you may have a permitted excuse, so file the claim as soon as possible even if the time limits have passed. If you filed a claim after you were terminated by your employer you must explain the delay.

The Insurer has 30 Days to Either Accept or Deny Your Workers’ Compensation Claim:

Within 30 days after the insurer gets your C-4 form they must send you a letter which states whether they accept or deny your claim. If the insurer denies your claim the letter must also include a description of your right to appeal to the Hearing Office and a Request for Hearing form. Read the letter carefully. If the insurer only accepted part of your claim you can still appeal the matter to the Hearing Officer. 
(NRS 616C.065)

Workers’ Compensation Benefits May Include The Following:

  • Coverage of Medical Treatment;
  • Compensation for Lost Wages (TTD);
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD);
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD);
  • Vocational Rehabilitation;
  • Payment to your dependent’s in the event of your death; and
  • Other claims-related benefits or expenses (i.e., mileage)

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