Lost Wages and Expenses

Compensation for Lost Wages Due to Work Injury or Disease:

If a doctor takes you off work for five (5) consecutive days or five (5) cumulative days within a 20-day period, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. (NRS 616C.400) If the medical provider’s report indicates that you can not work because of a covered work injury or disease then you may receive Temporary Total Disability (TTD) payments.

    Calculation of Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits:

    The amount of wage replacement compensation payable to an injured employee is based on the worker's average monthly wage at the time of the accident. The compensation due is calculated on a calendar day basis and paid at the rate of 66 2/3% of the average monthly wage. There is a statutory maximum wage that is calculated at 150% of the state average monthly wage. To view a more in-depth description of the wage calculation process click here ...Form D-7

      You Can Ask For a Recalculation of TTD:

      If the 12 weeks before your injury are not a fair representation of your wages other methods for calculating your wages may be used. (NAC 616C.435)

      The calculation of your average monthly wage includes the following: wages or salary; commissions which are prorated over the period used to calculate the AMW; incentive pay; payment for sick leave; bonuses which are prorated over the period used to calculate the average monthly wage; termination pay; tips which are collected and disbursed by the employer and are not paid at the discretion of the customer; tips you report pursuant to NRS 616B.227; payment for piecework, tool allowance, vacation, holidays, overtime, and travel time; and value of room and/or board. Concurrent employment with another employer may also be included. (NAC 616C.423)

        Light-Duty Work:

        If your employer offers you a light-duty position that is in line with your medical restrictions, then you must take the work and are not eligible for wage replacement benefits. Your employer is not required to offer light-duty work. If you present your doctor's medical restrictions to your employer, and the employer refuses you light-duty work, ask the workers' compensation insurance company for wage replacement benefits in writing.

          Payment for Travel Expenses:

          Under certain circumstances, travel expenses may be recoverable from the insurer.
          (NRS 616C.477, NRS 616C.365) (NAC 616C.150)