Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

What is TTD?

TTD is the wage replacement benefit. This benefit is based on a medical provider certifying that your injury or disease has temporarily prevented you from returning to your pre-injury job duties. TTD benefits compensate the injured worker for lost wages due to work injury.

    How to Qualify:

    To be eligible for Temporary Total Disability benefits:

    Your authorized medical provider must write that you could not work for five (5) days after your injury or for five (5) days within a period of 20 consecutive days, (NRS 616C.400) and;

    Your employer has not offered you "light-duty" work. A light-duty position is a job modified to fit the temporary restrictions set by your physician or chiropractor, which pays net wages at your TTD rate. (NAC 616C.589)

    Benefit Amount:

    TTD Compensation is paid at 66 and 2/3 percent of your average monthly wage. 
    (NRS 616C.475)

    Amount Calculation:

    Compensation is based on your wage history in the 12 weeks before your injury. If the 12 weeks before your injury does not provide an accurate representation of your earnings, you can ask that the calculation be made using your earnings for the 12 months prior to the injury. Make the request to the workers’ compensation insurer in writing.
    (NAC 616C.435)

    Multiple Jobs:

    If you work more than one job, ask that all income be added together to calculate your average monthly wage. 
    (NAC 616C.447)


    If you elected to declare tips for income tax and workers’ compensation, your tips should be added to your average monthly wage base. 
    (NAC 616C.423)

    If your average monthly wage is calculated incorrectly, appeal it. You may ask for a recalculation.

    Wages Lost Because of Medical Treatment:

    If you have qualified for TTD, and then return to work, it is often the case that you will need to go to medical visits during the day and miss some work. If you have to travel more than 50 miles to get to treatment you can get compensation for the work time you missed.
    (NRS 616C.477)


    Temporary Total Disability will not be paid to you, or your dependents, during the time you are incarcerated, or if you were terminated by your employer for gross misconduct. 
    (NRS 616C.475(2))