Injured at Work?

What to Do Next:

If your injury is a medical emergency call 911 or go to the nearest medical facility immediately.


    If you suffer a work injury, or the onset of an occupational disease, immediately inform your employer or supervisor. Don't wait. You only have 7 days to inform your supervisor of the injury. (NRS 616C.010) 

    Get a C-1 form from your employer. You sign it, and have your employer sign it. Make sure to get a copy for yourself. Your employer is required to have a supply of blank C-1 forms for workers to fill out. You can also get one by clicking this link...> C-1 form

    You have seven (7) days from the date of the injury to get the C-1 form turned in to your employer. If you have trouble getting the paperwork, at the very least, inform your employer verbally of the injury.

      What the C-1 Form Does:

      The C-1 form is titled the “Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease – Incident Report”. It creates a record of your injury, and it is proof that you informed your employer about the injury. The C-1 form is simply a report. It does not start a workers’ compensation claim. 

        The C-4 Form:

        Filing a C-4 form starts a claim. The C-4 form is filled out when you first get medical treatment for your work injury. Medical providers in Nevada are supposed to have C-4 forms available for injured workers.