Role of the Nevada Attorney For Injured Workers

We Provide Legal Representation Without Charging a Fee

The NAIW lawyers represent injured workers who are seeking workers' compensation benefits. There are two primary hearing levels. First, an informal hearing before a Hearing Officer.  Second, a formal hearing before an Appeals Officer. We represent workers at the administrative appeal level in front of the Appeals Officer. Claimants appearing before the Hearing Officer do not need an attorney because the first hearing level is informal.

NAIW does not charge a fee for representation. Requests for representation are typically made in writing to the Appeals Officer during the administrative appeal process. NAIW is actually appointed by the Appeals Officer. After we receive an appointment from the Appeals Office or the Administrator (DIR), NAIW contacts our clients by mail to initiate the attorney-client relationship and begin the litigation process. An initial client meeting will be scheduled. This meeting is typically in our offices but may be conducted by phone.

Note: NAIW attorneys do not shepherd a case through the beginning stages of the claims process or through the informal Hearing Officer hearings. We handle a case once litigation reaches the Appeals Officer level. The Appeals Officer is part of the Hearings Division which is a separate state agency in a separate department apart from NAIW.


    NAIW is funded through employer paid premiums and insurer-paid assessments. The fund from these monies is administered by the DIR and is used to pay its own costs, as well as the costs of the Department of Administration Hearings Division, and NAIW. In Nevada, the entire workers' compensation system is funded by the employers who profit from the limited liability it provides. NAIW is not funded by the taxes that go into the General Fund.