Medical Treatment

How To Get Medical Treatment for a Work Injury or Occupational Disease:
Your employer may have a contract with an authorized medical provider to treat work injuries. Ask your employer or supervisor who that provider is and go there for treatment as directed. If you need to learn who the workers' compensation insurer is for your employer, you should be able to get the information from the “ Brief Description of Your Rights and Benefits” poster. This is a poster that provides your employer’s workers’ compensation information. Your employer is required to have it posted at work in a common area such as the break room. (NAC 616A.460)

You may also contact the Division of Industrial Relations (DIR), Workers’ Compensation Section (WCS), Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

In Las Vegas/Henderson at (702) 486-9080 or
in Carson City at (775) 684-7270 or
go to the DIR Workers' Compensation Section web site at : http:\\

Get Medical Treatment from an Authorized Provider:
Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical treatment, but you must go to an authorized medical provider. Your employer may belong to a managed care organization (MCO), a health maintenance organization (HMO), have a Preferred Provider List, or work through a third party administrator (TPA). Regardless, the employer must provide you with a selection of authorized medical providers where you can get treatment for your work injury. 
(NRS 616C.090)

 Injuries and Diseases Covered by Worker’s Compensation:

• Covered work related injuries are accidental injuries and occupational diseases that are related to your employment.
• Heart disease conditions are not covered unless you are a fireman or policeman.
• Certain cancers are covered conditions for firefighters exposed to hazardous substances.
• Stress-caused conditions are covered only if caused by extreme stress in time of danger.

You Can Request a Change of Medical Provider:
You may change providers by choosing one from the insurer’s panel if you do so within the first 90 days after the injury. After that, you must get written permission from the insurer to change physicians.
(NRS 616C.090)